LiBiVi Male - Libido Support Formula - Penis Enlargement

LiBiVi Male is a powerful herbal male enhancement that increases both penis length and girth. It also strengthens sexual desire and health, while helping you to master stronger and more impressive erections. Thousands of users have shown excellent results after using LiBiVi Male, with a 95% success rate shown over the past 10 years. That’s a lot of satisfied couples!
LiBiVi Male - Libido Support Formula will give your penis:

-Extra shaft length, girth and definition.
-An average of 1 to 3 inches of additional growth.
-In some cases, up to 5 inches of additional growth!

In its essence, LiBiVi Male is designed to increase erection size, strength and stiffness. We want to make men (and women) more confident and happy in the bedroom!

So how does it work?
LiBiVi Male works by increasing the nitric oxide flow in the circulatory system that helps to relax and expand the blood vessels in the penis. This natural process allows your penis to grow to a more impressive size without looking obviously-enhanced by surgery or other similar methods. LiBiVi Male will also increase the size of your flaccid penis as well as the size of your raging erections. Consistent consumption can lead to permanent gains, and these are noticeable even if you stop taking the supplements. It is however recommended that you continue taking the supplements for sustained growth and performance maintenance.

Enlarge your penis and improve sexual performance with LiBiVi Male - Libido Support Formula.
LiBiVi Male has a scientifically-proven formula that has been successfully enhancing our customers’ penises for over a decade. LiBiVi provides you with bigger, thicker, more impressive erections for the heightened pleasure of you and your partner. LiBiVi Male ensures constant additional blood flow to the penis, meaning that your flaccid penis is increased in size, as well your throbbing erections. This increased blood flow means that your erections are strong, stiff and long-lasting.

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Struggle getting it up? The increased blood flow to your penis means that getting hard is easier than ever. Specially-blended with herbs and extracts from around the globe; LiBiVi Male can help to enhance sexual sensitivity, increase sexual stamina, and significantly increase the size of your penis by up to 20%. However, gains of over 20% have been reported too!

What are the benefits of using LiBiVi Male - Libido Support Formula?
-A bigger, stiffer and more powerful penis
-Enhanced passion and sexual desire for both partners
-Heightened orgasm and climax
-Guaranteed scientifically-proven results with consistent research
-Tried and tested for over 10 years

Does LiBiVi Male - Libido Support Formula really work?
Penis size can be naturally increased by an additional flow of blood to your penis’ blood vessels; our herbal remedies encourage this extra blood flow. The penis consists of three chambers, two of them are called the “Corpora Cavernosa” and the third is called the “Corpus Spongisum”. The Corpus Spongisum is primarily used for urinating and ejaculation. When a male becomes sexually aroused, the brain releases a hormone which sends blood to your penis, filling the tissue within the Corpora Cavernosa to its maximum level. This increase in blood flow is what causes an erection. The size your penis can grow to upon erection is limited by the capacity of this “blood chamber” in the penis. Therefore, your erect penis could be increased in overall size if the erectile tissue chambers were larger (i.e. if they held more blood). Male enhancement supplements such as ours work by gradually increasing the size of these chambers both length-wise and width-wise, thus enabling them to hold more blood over time. This naturally leads to an increase in penis size over time with consistent supplement consumption.

What other benefits are there?